1. PayMongo.com

PayMongo payment system can help individuals and companies because it offers credit cards, OTC banking, debit cards, and e-wallets. This payment gateway is essential for online sellers or big box sellers because there are no set-ups, one time, or monthly fees.

2. Xendit.co

Based in Jakarta, Xendit is a digital payment system that started in 2020. Reliability and credibility make it the best payment gateway for an individual to merchant transactions.

3. Bux.ph

Whether you’re an individual seller, freelancer, SME or large enterprise, Bux.ph offers a range of payment methods from e-wallets, installments and more.

4. DragonPay

This service will help businesses save time and focus more on their work. All the payrolls can be routed through their system and will send it to various bank accounts, e-wallets, and even cash pick-ups.

5. Paynamics

Paynamics offer data vaults for security, e-mail billing, fraud prevention, web payment, etc. They also offer various methods such as cash, credit cards, e-wallet, and other international payment options.

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