1. PayPal

PayPal comes as one of the best payment gateway service providers globally. With an around-the-clock transaction monitoring system, anti-fraud technologies, and buyer protection, Paypal comes with impeccable security features for Filipinos.

2. BillEase

BillEase now offers Filipino customers options for ‘Pay Later,’ ‘Pay in Installments,’ and ‘Pay with Down Payment,’ giving them greater flexibility and a more integrated buying experience. 

3. PesoPay

PesoPay aims to provide easy online payment solutions to local merchants and customers in the Philippines. PesoPay comes with an in-built fraud management system with TLS 1.2 encryption, making it one of the Philippines’ most secure payment gateway service providers. 

4. Maya

Launched in 2007, PayMaya is a Philippines financial company that processed over $1 billion in digital transactions in 2016.

5. Gcash

GCash payment is licensed by BSP e-money issuer, and maintained by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. With more than 55 million users and 4.5 million merchants, it provides the best digital payment gateways.

2. Xendit.co

Based in Jakarta, Xendit is a digital payment system that started in 2020. Reliability and credibility make it the best payment gateway for an individual to merchant transactions.

3. Bux.ph

Whether you’re an individual seller, freelancer, SME or large enterprise, Bux.ph offers a range of payment methods from e-wallets, installments and more.

4. DragonPay

This service will help businesses save time and focus more on their work. All the payrolls can be routed through their system and will send it to various bank accounts, e-wallets, and even cash pick-ups.

5. Paynamics

Paynamics offer data vaults for security, e-mail billing, fraud prevention, web payment, etc. They also offer various methods such as cash, credit cards, e-wallet, and other international payment options.

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