1. Backup Migration

Backup Migration is a highly regarded backup plugin for WordPress. It is well designed, easy to use and supports both manual and scheduled backups. There is also a very usable dashboard with answers to all your questions such as what is backed up, where and how will it be stored.

Restoration is simple too with a simple dashboard control to locate the latest backup and import it. The plugin allows complete backups as well as customized ones. You can choose what files and assets are backed up and where. It’s a great little plugin with a lot to offer.

2. BackWP up

BackWPup is a free WordPress plugin with a premium option that offers complete backups and storage in the cloud, on your computer, via email, or FTP. You can also schedule backups based on how often your site is updated.

The thing that stands out about this plugin is its ease of use. More than 600,000 websites also use this plugin, so lots of people love it.

3. Updraft Plus

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular and efficient backup plugins available. Even the free version does a pretty good job. It offers many features such as automatic scheduled backup, cloud storage, and complete backup.

The premium version unlocks many more features such as incremental backups, customer support, multiple cloud storage destinations, website migration, and many more.

4. Backup Guard

With the free version of the BackupGuard, you can back up, restore, and save your WordPress site to the cloud. You can also choose which files, folders, and databases to back up and exclude any paths or log files.

With the premium version, you can migrate your WordPress site, schedule multiple backups at a time, and decide how many backups you want to keep on your server.

5. WordPress Backup & Migration

WordPress Backup & Migration is a slick plugin from Webtoffee. It has a number of features we like to see including one-click backup and restore, scheduled backups and the ability to store backups in multiple locations. That last is a great reason to try this plugin.

WordPress Backup & Migration supports Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and SFTP. It also provides email notifications and a simple import mechanism to make recovering your site as easy as possible.

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