Optimal Performance And Positive Change Keynote Speaker


Optimal performance And Positive Change Keynote Speaker

Jeff Salzenstein’s Speaking Reel

Jeff’s Powerful Message Will Allow  Your Audience To Access Their Zone Of Excellence And Unleash The Champion Inside

The sign of a powerful message is not what your audience hears from the stage. It is the inspired action taken afterwards.

Jeff’s compelling stories of grit, perseverance, and transformation will inspire your audience to apply his simple “Zone Of Excellence” framework and build momentum toward a better future at work and at home.

Hi, My Name Is Jeff Salzenstein

Hi, My Name Is
Jeff Salzenstein

and I help high achievers face today’s unrelenting pressure to consistently produce and perform at optimal levels, professionally and personally. This never-ending pressure leads to chronic stress and the current strategies to alleviate this problem creates confusion and overwhelm.

The key to drive human performance, create stronger culture and connection, and enhance personal fulfillment for long term sustainable growth in the workplace is to learn how to effectively and consistently manage pressure and stress. The Zone of Excellence 3-step methodology offers an integrated, heart-centered approach to effectively deal with the intense pressure high achievers face in their personal and professional lives.

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Jeff will educate, entertain, and motivate your audience to access a zone of excellence consistently using powerful strategies that inspires action. Leaders and teams will get exactly what they need to elevate their performance long after his presentation.


Creating self awareness is the first step towards positive shifts as leaders and as an organization. Jeff’s optimal performance methodology will reduce daily stress, increase resilience, and shift the mindset and culture of an organization focused on growth.

Virtual Keynote

Jeff delivers a powerful virtual keynote experience to your leaders and organization that is unique, enjoyable, and creates positive impact. His dynamic in-house studio set and equipment will make you feel like you are in the room with Jeff without having to deal with tech issues.

Speaking Topics

Jeff delivers a customized message full of powerful storytelling and practical tools and strategies that will positively influence every individual in the room. Regardless of the size of the audience (from 10 to 1,000 people), growth and optimal performance is possible.


Get ready for your audience to be inspired and motivated by Jeff’s story and simple framework for reducing stress, managing, and optimizing performance.


Learn how overcoming obstacles and adversity can lead to true transformation by using proven principles and strategies from Jeff’s simple optimal performance framework.


Your audience will discover how to turn stress into extreme resilience by tapping into specific tools and techniques based on over 30 years of scientific research


Improve your mental health and performance to access a zone of excellence by changing your thoughts, words, and behaviors.

Energy Management

Discover how to eliminate burnout, anxiety, and frustration that leads to huge drains on your energy and a decline in performance, productivity, health, and happiness.

Stress Reduction

Reduce your chronic stress in the workplace and at home by applying Jeff’s powerful methodology so you have more energy and resilience.


The Zone of Excellence

Unleash The Champion Inside And Optimize Your Performance

Ideal Audience: Corporate leadership, management and sales teams, athletic sports teams, and general audiences. Customized to specific audience needs.

Value: Jeff Salzenstein is a dynamic keynote speaker committed to helping high performers and leaders access a “Zone of Excellence” and unleash the Champion inside. This science backed based approach to getting into the zone is proven to reduce daily chronic stress immediately. Leaders and teams will quickly experience a tangible improvement in performance and health leading to improved productivity, energy, focus, resourcefulness, creativity, and overall well-being.

The #1 problem for leaders and teams within organizations is that the post-pandemic world has exacerbated and accelerated our state of chronic stress which negatively impacts productivity, employee retention, innovation, culture, and revenue – not to mention physical, mental and emotional health. We’re looking at stress and how we measure success through the wrong lens, and it’s essential to implement a new, innovative approach if we are going to thrive in the future.

Jeff taps into his “life in the trenches” experiences as a professional athlete, world class coach, and successful business owner. He has worked with top experts in performance and health optimization for over 25 years, and his timeless wisdom, cutting edge strategies, and engaging stories have helped leaders and teams from all industries and athletes from around the world.

Jeff’s “Zone of Excellence” methodology is grounded in an integrated approach that unlocks untapped potential in each of us – allowing us to unleash the Champion we all have inside. This framework redefines what it means to be a Champion – optimizing performance and health, cultivating extreme resilience in the face of adversity, and leading organizations to healthy and sustainable growth in the future.

Takeaways: Here are a few takeaways from Jeff’s signature keynote, The Zone Of Excellence: Unleash The Champion Inside And Optimize Your Performance

  • How a proven stress reduction technique can calm and regulate your nervous system to get into a flow state in as little as 60 seconds.
  • The “70x thinking mistake” that will sabotage your productivity and results as a leader and as an organization if not corrected immediately.
  • How to apply the 3 core “zone” fundamentals to increase focus by at least 24%, and decrease fatigue by at least 48%.%.
  • The powerful, but often overlooked “7-hour effect” health strategy that’ll give you several years of your life back.
  • How the PTG rewiring technique allows leaders and high performers to bounce back from any adversity or setback and thrive in an uncertain future.


  • A pre-event 60 second customized video to get your audience excited.
  • Pre-event guided needs analysis call to gain clarity on the customized content desired for the keynote.
  • A customized keynote that creates a memorable experience creating a long lasting possible effect.
  • Post event: customized 10 minute video with PDF checklist to help audience implement and create momentum for positive change.

What Others Say
About Jeff’s Keynote

Learn why Jeff’s message needs to be shared with your audience from those who have been positively impacted by his story and The “Zone of Excellence” framework.

John Perkins

CEO, U.S. Radiology

And I’d say Jeff absolutely knocked it out of the park. I think everybody walked away as a closer team. All of us walked away with skills that we didn’t have before Jeff came in terms of maximizing both our team performance and our individual performance. I couldn’t recommend Jeff more highly. He really, really provides a unique perspective and a very valuable one.

Brian Thomas

CEO, Lightspeed Systems

Jeff exemplifies grit, has a process, and has a really positive outlook on what it takes to push through hard times. If you get an opportunity have him come out and do a keynote or spend time with you and your team.

Lynn McGivern

Chief Compliance Officer,
U.S. Radiology

I highly recommend Jeff Salzenstein as a keynote speaker for any organization who wants to invest in their employees, their management team, and their leadership team with just energy, his framework about mindset shifting and bringing the best part of the organization forward. You can’t go wrong with Jeff and his methodology.

JP Flaum

Founder, Green Peak Partners

A strong endorsement for Jeff Salzeintein for anyone looking to up their game or looking to compete at a really high level in business and in life. That brings me to the exceptional person, Jeff Salzenstein. I run a forum of elite CEOs and I’ve never invited anyone to speak to them before. After speaking to the eight CEOs, three of them invited him back to their organizations all with glowing reviews about how he created really actionable strategies for them and their teams. Anyway, strong endorsement for Jeff Salzenstein for anyone looking to up their game, or looking to compete at a really high level in business and in life.

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