Got an idea for a website? Here is a list of website ideas you can build for your business, community and goals.

1. Online marketplace website

Don’t have any products to sell? How about creating a marketplace for other vendors to sell their products online? WordPress has some incredible plugins that turn your website into an online marketplace. Third-party sellers can then list their own products on your website, and you earn a fee on each order.

2. Non-profits and religious websites

WordPress is free as in freedom (see our guide why is WordPress free?). This makes it an ideal solution for nonprofit organizations. With WordPress plugins, you can easily add a donation form to raise money for your cause. There are also many great WordPress themes for churches and nonprofits.

3. Multilingual websites

Want to create a website in multiple languages? WordPress has you covered. Out of the box, WordPress is available in dozens of languages. Plus, it can also be used to create multilingual website using WordPress translation plugins.

4. Auction websites

Want to run your own eBay-like auction website? With WordPress, you can create a fully functional auction website. Users can bid online and make payments, and you get to earn by simply providing a platform for your niche auctions.

5. Micro job website

A micro job website is an online marketplace where employers can list tasks or gigs and individuals can apply for them. As the website owner, you can make money by charging a fee on each listing.

6. Dropshipping website

Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce store that doesn’t keep the products in stock. Instead, when a customer purchases a product, the store owner places the order with a third-party vendor who ships the item directly to the customer.

7. Ecommerce website / online store

WordPress with WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. It supports top payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe so you can easily accept payments online. You can use WooCommerce to sell both physical and digital products. It allows you to easily add any type of product to your store, and has tools to manage inventory, orders, shipping, taxes, and more.

8. Portfolio websites

Need a place to showcase your work? You can easily add a portfolio to your WordPress site with stunning image galleries and beautiful slideshows. You can use your portfolio site to feature your writing skills, showcase your music, embed videos, or display your photography.

9. Online forums website

Online forums are a popular way to build a community and leverage user generated content to bring more search engine traffic to your website. With bbPress, you can easily add online forums to your website. bbPress helps you convert your website into an easy to manage forum. Plus, you can still use the same website for other features like a blog, online store, or a business site.

10. Blog or personal website

WordPress started out as a simple blogging tool and quickly evolved into a powerful content management system. During the last 18 years, those blogging and personal website components didn’t disappear. They have become more polished, sophisticated, and powerful. WordPress is still the best blogging platform in the world used by small websites as well as large publications.

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